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David Oladoyin

David Oluwatoyin Oladoyin’s life took a profound turn after a transformative encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. While reading a torn Bible missing Genesis, he was deeply moved by the plight of the Israelites in Exodus, leading to a divine revelation. Prompted by this experience, he embraced Christ as his Savior, marking the beginning of his spiritual journey.

With fervour, he awaited Sunday to formalize his decision, ultimately receiving Jesus and the baptism of the Holy Spirit on May 29, 1988. This ignited a passion for ministry, initially serving in the church and later pursuing full-time ministry in 1990.

Empowered by a revelation of the Holy Spirit’s personality, he embarked on a mission to spread faith, healing, and prayer across nations. As an ordained minister and Rhema Bible Training Centre graduate, David now leads Destiny Achiever Faith Church in Kaduna, Nigeria, alongside his wife, Julian, also an ordained minister. Together, they are devoted to fulfilling the great commission and empowering others to realize their divine calling. They are blessed with four children.

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Julian Oladoyin

Julian Mojisola Oladoyin exemplifies a deep personal commitment to Christ, embodying humility and selflessness in her service to others. Currently holding the position of Vice President at David Oladoyin Ministries (DOM) and serving as Deputy Lead Pastor at Destiny Achievers Faith Church, Kaduna City, Nigeria.

Julian brings over 25 years of educational expertise as a teacher and administrator, alongside her role as Co-Founder & Deputy Director of His Grace Universal Schools Kaduna.

Married to Reverend David Oluwatoyin Oladoyin since December 19th, 1998, their relationship serves as a model of admiration for singles and married couples alike. In ministry, Julian is a steadfast partner to her husband, showcasing exceptional leadership qualities and a meticulous dedication to God’s work.

Her nurturing spirit inspires countless women, youth, and children, mobilizing them for ministry endeavours and encouraging pastors’ wives and women in her community to pursue God’s divine purpose for their lives.

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Destiny Achiever's Faith Church

Destiny Achievers Faith Church is a Bible-based, Spirit-filled Christian church located in the southern part of Kaduna City, in Gonin Gora, under the Kakau district of Chikun Local Government Area. Established in 2007 by Pastors David and Julian Oladoyin, our church has grown to include three branches: Divine Faith Sanctuary, Breakthrough Sanctuary, and New Life Sanctuary, all situated in Gonin Gora.

Our journey began with a significant 5-day launch program from December 28, 2007, to January 1, 2008, at the playground of His Grace Universal Schools. From our humble beginnings with services in a small classroom, we quickly expanded to a larger space, and eventually to our permanent facility at 79 Magajin Gari Road, near His Grace Universal Schools, Sabon Gari, Gonin Gora, Kaduna.

We offer a range of weekly services, including Sunday worship, Wednesday teachings, and Friday prayer meetings, providing a vibrant and supportive community for spiritual growth and fellowship.

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Higher Life Today

Higher Life Today is the anointed teaching and preaching ministry of David O. Oladoyin. It’s a spiritually charged daily online broadcast outreach where the Holy Spirit changes lives by healing the sick, saving the lost, filling believers with His power, and setting captives free from sinful bondages and broken relationships.

The Higher Life Seminars are also held in local churches and typically last three days with services in the mornings and evenings. Believers can attend a meeting held within driving distance sometime during the year.

All believers are invited to set aside time in their busy schedules to come and seek God’s will for their lives, get built up in the Word, and enjoy refreshing times in the Spirit.

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